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Project Description

Wikipedia browser for Microsoft Surface allows to search Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons on Microsoft Surface device.

Why Wikipedia browser for Microsoft Surface?

We develop this application to help Wikimedia Czech republic to present Wikimedia projects on the linux conference LinuxExpo in Czech republic and on Book World Prague international fair and to show what you can do with Microsoft Surface device.

Current functionality

  1. Converter from Wikitext to FlowDocument
  2. Search Wikipedia using Mediawiki API
  3. Search Wikimedia Commons using Mediawiki API
  4. Use multiple languages for search
  5. Shows articles from Wikipedia
  6. Shows images from Wikimedia Commons
  7. Resolve links between articles
  8. Asign Microsoft Surface Tag with Wikipedia topic

What we need

  1. Improve converter from Wikitext to Flowdocument
    1. Tables
    2. Infoboxes
    3. ...
  2. New ideas how to show Wikimedia projects on Microsoft Surface
  3. Better support for images inside Wikipedia articles
  4. UI Designer
  5. Refactoring of source code

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